Latest News from St. Bridget's

Building Project Update 26th May 2023

West Tower - Overhaul of louvred ventilators and roof access doors progressing. Overhaul of slate roof and lead flashing, lead box guttering and rain-water goods continuing.Ladder to attic and handrail to newel stair progressing.  Tower re-pointing taking longer than planned and the scaffold may be needed until the end of June.

Wethervane and Lightning Conductor - New Weathervane to be fabricated, with some existing parts salvageable and lightning conductor to be installed. A scaffold will be required for installation of the weatherrvane on the tower roof once repointing of the tower has been completed. 

Windows and Stone Tracery - Removal of stained glass is well underway and the 5-part main lights have been remove. A site inspection will be required shortly to determine remedial work required to stone mullions and tracery.

Porch Door - The south-porch door is to be removed and inspected. Some frames will need replacing  and replacement of the doors with new oak will be considered if necessary. 


Building Project Update 27th April 2023

Progress: Chancel Ceiling - Cleaning and restoration completed. Ready for lighting installation.

                 Internal Plaster - Plaster removal is complete, more plaster has been removed than estimated. Replastering is well underway however the west tower walling and tunnel vaults are still too wet and will be addressed later this summer.

                 West-tower Internal - New floor complete. The upper tower is now safely accesible from temporary ladders. The centre section will be floored out and the newel stair having been inspected has been found to be in good order. A handrail will be fitted.

                  Stone masonry and Re-pointing - Hacking off old cement pointing is complete. There are many wide joints extending deep into the wall.

                  Tower Roof Repairs - An initial examination has been undertaken  including copes, weathervane and lightning conductor. The copes will need to be reset and the wrought iron section of the weathervane is beyond repair.  A full inspection will be undertaken to determine works required for the internal re-direction of rainwater goods.

                    Window Restoration - The south-aisle west ogival window stained glass has been removed and the the stone tracery is to be repointed. The 5-part south-aisle east window will be removed for restoration shortly.

                     Recording - A photographic survey of the internal masonry is nearing completion. The exterior photographic survey of The Church has already been recorded.

Next Steps: Elecrical Installation-  Installation of new lighting in the chancel can commence as soon as fittings are delivered. The lighting is to be installed from the working scaffold.

                    Tower Inspection - An inspection of the tower internally and externally will be undertaken in the first week of May to determine extent of works required to roof and guttering. Repointing is planned to commence in May over an estimated 4 week period.

Program:     The west-tower scaffold will remain until all tower works are complete. The tower scaffold will then be removed and scaffolds erected for general roof repairs.

                     Other planned works including kitchen, internal and external toilets will progress once the external works are complete.